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Google analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics integration allows admins to track visitors effectively. Measure key metrics related to content and members.

web analytics for online communities
google tag manager

Google Tag Manager

Easily manage analytics and measurement tags for your community without editing code.

developer portal


Understand how members are interacting with the community, what they need, and how they feel using visitor recording, heatmaps, and feedback widget.



Connect your community with apps you already use and automate workflows.

Custom code

Custom code

Add custom scripts and tags to the community pages for third-party integrations like analytics, messaging, and tracking.

Mixpanel integration


Get a pulse of the community and uncover insights with comprehensive data on member properties and activities.

Cookie consent manager

Cookie Consent Management

Anonymize user data and customize the look and feel of the cookie consent modal for your community. Allow visitors as well as members to take the action on cookie acceptance and rejection.

intercom integration


Enrich Intercom contacts with member property data and community activities to create contact segments and run personalized campaigns.

developer portal


FullStory integration is designed to help you improve the community experience using video playbacks, member segmentation, and conversion funnels.

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How to install and manage app in the Tribe Platform?

The App Store is a collection of apps that can be installed in a community. In this article, learn how to browse, install, and manage apps. The App Store is available to customers on all Tribe's plans. However, each app's availability depends on a community's pricing plan.

Junior answered
Updated 4 days ago
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Can I schedule posts in my community?

It would save me so much time if I could schedule posts for my community. We'd love to be able to schedule posts to go out over the weekend/evenings. Can I schedule posts in my Tribe community using tools such as Buffer? Perhaps you can suggest an integration.

CJ answered
Updated 8 days ago
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How to add JavaScript snippets to the community pages?

Add custom codes for third-party integrations with analytics, messaging, and tracking tools using the Custom Code Snippets app. This app only supports HTML and JavaScript. If the embeddable code has opening...

4 people are discussing
Updated two hours ago
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How to send a welcome email to my new members?

I'd like to send a welcome email to my new members after they register. Is there a way I can automatically send one through Gmail? I don't have the bandwidth to do something manual like this.

Tiffany asked
Updated six hours ago
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